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Hyderabad to Warangal
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Warangal, the historical city of Telangana, is a destination worth visiting. A popular weekend getaway from Hyderabad, Warangal presents a beautiful blend of history, cultural vibrancy, architectural masterpieces and mesmerizing nature. Located around 148 km away from Hyderabad, Warangal city also enjoys a good connectivity to the rest of the country.

Center of power during Kakatiya reign in 12th to 14th century, Warangal is now a heritage city with umpteen numbers of sightseeing opportunities. Traces of past that can be seen in various buildings such as Warangal Fort, Kush Mahal, etc. At the same time spiritual atmosphere at various ancient temples such as Thousand Pillar temple, Ramappa temple, Sammakka Saralamma Temple leave visitors entranced. Warangal tourism also offers tourists with the opportunity to experience refreshing nature and explore rich fauna and flora. Lakes, wildlife sanctuaries and captivating rock formations are sure to attract nature lovers.

Boasting of great historical significance and architectural excellence Warangal is indeed a palec not to be missed by a travel enthusiast. Plan a Warangal tour to spend a few days amid the splendor of past and simplistic beauty of nature.

Geography and History of Warangal

Warangal city is the district headquarters in Telangana state. It is only 148 km away from the capital city Hyderabad. Nestled in the eastern side of Deccan Plateau, Warangal city is mostly consisted of hills and various natural rock formations. The city has also been chosen as one of 12 heritage cities under HRIDAY scheme-Heritage City Development and Augmentation Yojana by Government of India.

Warangal was earlier known with the name of Orugallu; oru meaning one and kallu meaning stone or a wheel. The name Orukallu or Orugallu denotes that the entire city of Warangal being created on one stone or hillock. It was also known with the name of Tolini Koranakula, Akshalinagaram, and Vorakalli. It has also been mentioned as Ekasila Nagaram in literally work- Aravabinakosam by Raghunatha Bhaskar.

Known history of Warangal goes back to Kakatiya reign of 12th to 14th century. During the Kakatiya rule, the city flourished a lot. Architectural remains of that period present the traces of the glorious past that Warangal had during the period of Kakatiya. It was during that period that famous structures such as Warangal fort, Thousand Pillar temple, Ramappa Temple, etc., were built.

The last ruler of Kakatiya reign was Prataparudra II, the Kaktiya rule ended in 1323. Warangal came under the rule of Delhi Sultanate. Later, it was captured by Musunuri Nayaks who ruled over the Kingdom for 50 years. Warangal, through a treaty, came under Bahmani Sultanate and the eventually under the Sultanate of Golconda. After India’s independence from British rule, it came within the state of Andhra Pradesh. However, after the bifurcation of the state, Warangal city became a part of Telangana.

Places to visit in Warangal

There is a wide array of places to see in Warangal making this city a favorite among travelers. From fort to temples to lakes and sanctuaries, Warangal boasts of many interesting tourist attractions.

One of the most popular places to visit in Warangal is the Thousand Pillar temple which was built in 12th century. Dedicated Trikutalayam In this temple Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu and Lord Surya are worshipped. Located in Hanamkonda, this temple still presents impressive architecture and great historical importance. It was built by King Rudra Deva resulting in the name of the temple as Sri Rudreshwara Swamy Temple. Other ancient shrines in the city is the Bhadrakali Temple, Sammakka Saralamma Temple and Ramappa Temple (Ramalingeswara temple)

Another place to visit in Warangal, which is historically equally important, is the Warangal fort which was built in 13th century. Now only a few remains of the fort can be found, each depicting its architectural excellence. Khush Mahal, which was built in 14th century and later used by Shitab Khan, Governor of Qutub Shahi Dynasty, is also going to impress you with its imposing structure.

Warangal is a nothing less than a paradise for history enthusiasts. However, if you are looking for a peaceful break then visit one of the many lakes in Warangal for a relaxed time. The most popular lake in Warangal is Laknavaram Lake. Spread over 10,000 acres of land, this lake is sure to mesmerize every visitor with its unmatched scenic beauty. Vast spread of water surrounded by lush greenery and a hanging bridge over it to walk and admire the beauty makes for an experience worth remembering. Equally beautiful are other lakes such as Pakhal Lake which was built during Kakatiya reign in 1213 AD. Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary, located around 100 km from Warangal is another place to visit during a trip to Warangal. On the banks of River Kaveri, this wildlife sanctuary boasts of rich flora and rare wildlife.

Kakatiya Rock Garden, Kakatiya Musical Garden, Warangal Planetarium, Vana Vigyan Park, Ramappa Lake, Ghanpur Group of Temples and Padmakshi Temple are a few other places to visit during your Warangal tour. A tourist attraction which has been recently added is the Regional Science Center Warangal is also worth visiting.

How to reach Warangal?

If you are wondering how to reach Warangal then you need not worry as the city is well connected via road and railways. It is located at a distance of approximately 148 km from Hyderabad that is turn enjoys excellent connectivity to the rest of the world.

Warangal railway station is connected to almost all the prominent cities of the country such as Chennai, Mumbai, New Delhi, and others via trains such as Rajdhani Express, Tamil Nadu Express, Konark Express, Sanghamitra Express, etc.

However, the most popular way to reach Warangal is via road. It takes less than 3 hours from Hyderabad to Warangal. Tourists can either hire a private taxi or travel by bus. There are many buses, running regularly to Warangal from Hyderabad, Vijayawada and Visakhapatnam.

Best time to visit Warangal

The best time to visit Warangal city is during the months of October to March. Many tourists plan their Warangal tour during monsoon season too.